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Alan Brown

Tai Chi Instructor

I’ve been an keen practitioner of Martial Arts for over 40 years and about 12 years ago found my focus changing to how the arts could help with improving my health and well being. This led me to start to explore Tai Chi and I’ve been exploring ever since.

I personally experienced how Tai Chi, with its slow smooth continuous movements, combined with breathing techniques and mindfulness /mediative  focus, not only improved my physical and mental wellbeing but also helped me better manage chronic illness that I’ve had since my twenties.  So much so that I decided to look for ways I could share this with others.

The Tai For Health Institute, is a globally recognised leader in the field of Tai Chi related health programmes and research.  Led by Doctor Paul Lam , a qualified Australian Doctor and world renowned Tai Chi authority, the Institute has, for over 30 worked, closely with western health organisations and Tai Chi experts to develop a wide range of programmes looking to teach general wellness through Tai Chi but also specific programmes to help improve living with illnesses such as Diabetes, Arthritis and Parkinsons to name a few.

I’m an accredited teacher for the Tai Chi for Health Institutes programmes specialising in Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes, TC for Rehabilitation, Seated Tai Chi, and TC for Energy.  I love working with local charity organisations on their programmes promoting better living assisted with Tai Chi.

The classes at Breedon are an ideal introduction to Tai Chi. The sessions are suitable for any age and fitness level and can be adapted to include people with working with disability, mobility or illness issues.’

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