Classic Spin

Experience a full ride of hills, sprints and endurance intervals with energising music and motivational instruction. This class offers the ultimate blend of a cardio workout and muscular endurance.


Focusing on the key concepts of strength and conditioning in all aspects of the body. It also helps to improve overall balance, co-ordination and body awareness with special emphasis on breathing. Pilates is a fantastic technique to help rehabilitation and prevent injuries as well as improve posture and range of movement.

Class Information

Functional Fitness

A fun workout that takes place on the gym floor. Circuits, team games and challenges may take place during this lively class. Great for those wanting to work their full body and increase their knowledge in functional training.

Outdoor Fitness

An outdoor class, in all weathers! This class mixes cardio and resistance exercises to provide a great full body workout. Expect team games and challenges along the way as well as a high chance of getting dirty!


A more intense HIIT workout, it is the ultimate in interval training and is guaranteed to get you results in the shortest time possible. Typically, each exercise will last 4 minutes, comprising of 20 seconds work followed by 20 seconds rest. Incorporating a range of different equipment as well as body weight exercises expect to work hard.


An incredibly challenging, full body, high intensity workout aimed at torching body fat and improving explosive strength and fitness. All fitness levels welcome but be prepared to work hard.

Body Sculpt

Using a series of medium intensity exercises using dumbbells and your own body weight. It aims to keep you long and lean, toning your abs, legs, arms and everything in-between.


If you are aiming to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and core strength, this full body workout is for you. This class offers various exercise stations, alternating muscle groups, fast paced with short rest periods.


A safe, effective and fun form of exercise whilst performing boxing moves. During this class you will work your whole body, as well as improving your body movement, agility and momentum. Once you have mastered the 8 punches there is no stopping you!

Class Information


Combining Pilates and Yoga for a total body workout. Develop your core strength and stabilization through Pilates poses, and improve your flexibility, muscular strength, posture and alignment through Yoga poses.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterised by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another. This class has a quicker pace to it in comparison to our Hatha Yoga classes. Many postures require you to support your body against the force of gravity, so be prepared to experience a slight cardio element to this class.

Stretch & Mobilise

Focusing on joint mobilisation, spinal movements and stretching to loosen up, improve your range of motion and move with ease, including solo and partner stretches. You will feel the difference in your body after just one class.

Legs, Tums & Bums

Tone your thighs, tighten your bum and firm those abs. This class targets those stubborn areas using high repetitions, we can guarantee you will feel the burn and achieve the result you are looking for.

Pump & Tone

A great barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, this class gives you a full body workout.

Studio Coach 30/50

A 30 or 50 minute virtual class, led by our very own on screen coach. Taking you through a mix of strength and endurance workouts, to great music, with all the coaching points you will need to guide you through this indoor cycling class.

CBC Spin

Experience a new ere in indoor cycling with the latest Coach by Color® training system. This class will incorporate a mixture of terrains from flat road to hill climbs and sprints designed and tailored to you by our instructors. The whole session is powered by Coach by Color® technology built into your ICG® bike with five coloured training zones so that you can track and manage the level you are training at. There are no complicated moves or techniques to master and you are always in control of the resistance of the bike.

Class Information


Integrating dance and dance-type movements, creating a high-cardio, total-body workout. You’ll forget you are working out with the fun but simple moves to dance music. Best of all, you don’t need any previous dance experience.

Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning strengthens and improves your fitness using a variety of aerobic drills, strength training and flexibility exercises. All abilities are welcome, progressions and modifications are always offered.

Tai Chi

Combining deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements, Tai Chi is a great way to focus your mind and reconnect with your soul.

Health Qigong

Traditional Chinese exercise comprising gentle flowing movements that unify the body, breathing and mind. Learn the routine step by step, enjoy the relaxing music and treat yourself to 45 minutes of calm and tranquillity.

Swiss Ball Fitness

A great all round class, combining strength work, core stability, coordination and balance. A great class for all fitness levels.

Tour Coach 30/50

A 30 or 50 minute virtual indoor cycling class, using forward motion video technology and scenery from all around the world. Combined with great music and on screen teaching.

Hatha Yoga

This class is based on the physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to your body. Hatha Yoga is a potent alignment orientated practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures.

Step and Sculpt

Combining the fun of old school step aerobics, with the toning aspects of weighted exercise to create a class of two halves for all abilities.

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