Georgia French

Georgia French

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

From a young age, I have always had an interest in dance. This carried on throughout school where I even taught part of a class for a few years. However, I have only established my love of fitness within the gym environment in the past 5 years. My family are also very into their health and fitness, which has encouraged me to lead an active lifestyle.

Since graduating from the University of Derby with a first class BA honours in Special Educational Needs and Disability, I have also gone on to complete my level 3 Personal Training qualification. My passion for wanting to become a Personal Trainer came about due to my love for weight training! Through my own strength and hypertrophy (muscle-build) training in my own time, I found that I wanted to share my knowledge and dedication towards fitness and living a healthy life.

Other than training, I love shopping for new gym wear (I have too much Gymshark!) and I love teaching classes! Legs, Bums & Tums is one of my favourites as it works the glutes! ‘Leg Day’ should definitely not be missed!

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