Kirsty Allen

Kirsty Allen

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

I have always been passionate about sport and exercise from a young age, playing rounder’s, basketball, athletics and in the gym regularly. However, what ignited my passion for sport, exercise and fitness has been playing football since the age of 6; I have been fortunate enough to represent clubs such as Stoke City, Nottingham Forest, West Bromwich Albion, Notts County and now currently Derby County. My football career has given me exposure to topflight coaches, fitness and strength and conditioning instructors; how they have made me excel is now what I want to translate in the gym environment to help others improve in their health and fitness. Whether this is weight loss, improving in a sport, adding muscle or even to make you look and feel better.

Furthermore, I have a passion for how exercise can be used in a way to improve health and quality of life; rather than just aesthetic appearance. This is why I have specialised GP exercise referral to help those with conditions such as COPD, asthma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, anxiety, and depression. I have then gone onto specialise further in my Level 4 Diabetes, Obesity and metabolic syndrome management qualification to specifically help people with these conditions, to prescribe exercise and nutritional advice to improve or even reverse/manage symptoms.  This is an area that is increasingly more prevalent in modern society with case numbers of type 2 diabetes doubling since the 1990s due to lifestyle factors and even those without such conditions can take preventative measures through positive lifestyle change.


National diploma in sport
FA junior football organisers award
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 3 GP exercise referral specialist
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management Specialist
Indoor cycling instructor
ICG Indoor Cycling Instructor
Kettlercise instructor
Boxercise instructor
Level 3 circuit instructor
Level 3 outdoor fitness instructor
First aid at work
Pool emergency responder


1-1 Personal training
Mobile personal training
Group personal training
Kettlebell technique
Boxing technique / 1-1 Pad work
Fitness programmes
Nutritional advice
Diabetes Management programme
Obesity Management programme
Metabolic syndrome management programme
GP referral management programmes (for clients with COPD, arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, anxiety, depression).

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Favourite Class: Kettlercise
Favourite Health Food: Salmon or Mackerel – lean source of quality protein for muscle repair (amino acids), as well as essential fatty acids that can help lower cholesterol in the blood and reduce your risk of heart attacks/ strokes.
Favourite Exercise: Advanced sit up
What do I enjoy most about being a Personal Trainer?: Using my passion and knowledge for sport, health and fitness to help improve people’s lives. To make them look and feel better, to help them train for an event or sport or to even help improve a client’s wellbeing in a stressful world through exercise. The job is so rewarding.
Top Health & Fitness Tip: To focus on your own ability and not that of others and improve from your start position, whether this is weight loss, fitness, strength. To also enjoy training and make it part of your lifestyle make it a habit and health, fitness and aesthetic benefits will soon follow.


‘Kirsty Is an excellent personal trainer and always pushes you to do your best in sessions, she is always available to help you outside of sessions with you programme or nutritional advice, which is great. Thankyou Kirsty. – Amy Heywood

‘Brilliant. Takes sessions at the right pace for me. She pushes me but I can always do it and achieve. Got a long way to go goal wise but Kirsty is there for me, She’s fun and the sessions are too! –  Tamera Howard’

‘Kirsty is so lovely, really knowledgeable and so supportive! I can just tell ill be seeing results in no time, I see her once a week and have contact with her outside of sessions most days a week. I already feel more confident on what to do in the gym when it’s not a PT session. Always excited to see what she’s got for me next! Couldn’t recommend enough. – Amy Depres’

When I first started to do classes at Breedon Priory I was very self-conscious regarding my weight and fitness levels. I expected everyone to be looking at me and judging me so always put off classes for a long time.

I had started Slimming World to lose weight but knew that in order to continue my weight loss goals I needed to up my training and fitness, so I bit the bullet and signed up to Kirsty’s HIIT class on a Saturday morning. Feeling very self-conscious walking in the room and hiding at the back in a corner so as not to be noticed Kirsty instantly made you feel at ease and advised what we would be doing. She never singled me out or anyone out if we were struggling during the class. She is constantly encouraging you to keep going and give you the self-belief that you can do the class.  She helped me with technique without making me feel stupid and then started to encourage me push myself more and give me the confidence to try other classes.

In doing this, not only have I continued to improve my fitness but Kirsty has helped me with my self-confidence with training. I decided to try a couple of other classes and realised that I actually liked them and now I am training and doing classes nearly every day of the week!!.  I have made new friends at the gym who I train with regularly and now even socialise with.  After making the decision earlier this year to quit Slimming World. Kirsty was the first one there to offer me help and support. She even sent me her nutritional notes that she has for her clients! She constantly asks how I am getting on and offers me advise and support but she is also realistic when you admit to having the odd donut or Gin :0).

When you are overweight and despite false bravado it can be overwhelming joining a gym or going to a Personal Trainer.  Kirsty never pushes you further than you can push yourself.  I have had a PT session with Kirsty as well. During the session Kirsty went thought every exercise, explained the correct techniques, the benefits or each exercise. I had never used a smith machine in a gym before. I had always looked at it and wanted to try it but was never brave enough to ask someone to show me. Kirsty took me straight on the equipment and demonstrated everything, showing me how to use it safely and confidently. During every set, every exercise Kirsty made you feel at ease and confident…what she didn’t tell me was how much I would ache 2 days afterwards!!!! It was the best ache ever knowing I had found muscles I never knew existed.

I want to thank Kirsty for all her help, advise, friendship, the pushing me and never letting me give anything other than 100% in reaching and exceeding my personal goals. You can ask Kirsty anything and she will give you all the information she can to help you.  If you are in a PT session with her she gives you 110% of her time and knowledge and trust me at a young age Kirsty sure has worked hard to obtain the information!  I highly recommend Kirsty, whether your new to classes or wanting a new PT. – Zoe Kirkby’

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