Sandra Da Silva

Sandra Da Silva

Hatha Yoga Instructor

I have started my Yoga journey in 1998, initially to counter the effects of a sedentary job, it worked wonders on many levels that I wanted to learn more.

A short stay at the Vivekanada Ashram in India where yoga is used therapeutically inspired me to become a teacher. I qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher in 2007 and have ever since continued to learn and teach this amazing system that integrates body, mind and spirit leading to a state of balance and well-being.

Alongside general Hatha Yoga classes I also teach the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 12 week programme and work as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

The practice combines breath and movement, using yoga postures and breathing techniques. An approach that leads to increased strength, flexibility, and better posture. It also encourages balance, both internally and externally and promotes feelings of relaxation and ease.

Yoga is a vehicle for transformation, self-discovery and self-improvement, opening us up to our full potential. It has certainly helped me to cope better with the ups and downs of life.

I believe that Yoga has much to offer for everybody, regardless of age, gender or ability and that is why I teach, hoping that the yogic tools that you pick up on your yoga mat will help you in your life.

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